Peremoha Grantee Stories: Building “Points of Invincibility” (Пункти Незламності)

Tuesday August 29, 2023

Peremoha is the Ukrainian word for Victory.

The Peremoha Mini-Grants program was launched in the summer of 2022 in response to the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. Returned Peace Corps Volunteers can apply together with a Ukrainian partner they have worked with in some way during their service. Funding priorities for the program include humanitarian aid to Ukrainian communities, and projects in alignment with sectors previously implemented by Peace Corps Ukraine: community development, youth development, education, and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. We are proud to share with you the stories of the Alliance’s Peremoha grantees.


RPCV: Geoffrey Glenn, Community Development, 2016-2018, current Virtual Service Pilot Participant

Ukrainian Partner: Mykola – Past Director, current Board of Directors member of NGO Dobrochyn

Region: Rivnenska Oblast


In response to the terrorist bombing of critical civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, regional government and non-governmental organizations have developed a network of warming shelters and distribution centers known as “Points of Invincibility” (Пункти Незламності). These centers serve the needs of the local population by providing heat and electricity to civilians when there are blackouts or brownouts (drop in voltage in an electrical power supply system) due to severe weather or military events. By providing a place to be warm in the winter and to charge electrical devices, these centers are especially important for the elderly, health impaired, and bedridden.

Mykola, in coordination with NGO Dobrochyn and the city of Dubno Charitable Foundation Dobrobut, secured a location for a new Point of Invincibility in the city of Dubno. With the Peremoha grant, they bought a portable recharging station, thermal hot water tank, and electrical convection heaters.


People of Dubno with supplies for a new community heating and recharging center 

Dubno is logistically centered at the crossroads of three main highway systems. Because of its location, the new Point of Invincibility will ultimately serve a larger population of persons who are in transit and seeking temporary services in the Dubno region. To date, there are approximately 3,500 displaced families/persons residing in Dubno,  and there are not enough Points of Invincibility to serve the population. For people already living in compromised situations, in transit, or in temporary shelters, these Points are critical to sustaining life and communication with family and loved ones. Points of Invincibility not only serve a practical purpose in response to local needs, but also offer social and communal support.

Unfortunately, nobody knows when the war will end – but Points of Invincibility will help hundreds of Ukrainians keep warm in the winter and keep in touch with loved ones, helping those who need it most throughout the war.
This project is one of several that Geoffrey and his colleagues in Dubno have worked on together – and you can hear about both of the Peremoha grants they’ve been awarded in this video published by Dobrobut (in English with Ukrainian subtitles).

The RPCV Alliance for Ukraine is able to make grants thanks to proceeds raised by sales of the Babusya’s Kitchen Cookbook and your additional donations. Please give today

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