Hope and Progress Continue in Ukraine: New Partnership with Technovation Girls

Wednesday February 16, 2022

The sixth season of  Technovation Girls Ukraine has started – and you can help make it successful!

While global attention has been focused on the Russian military threat to Ukraine, leaders of Ukrainian communities and organizations continue advancing the important work they’ve been doing for years – work that they have not and will not let war interrupt.



“We don’t want the current political situation to stop the girls from taking an opportunity to learn and participate in the Technovation Challenge,” says Liudmyla Markitan of the Western NIS Enterprise Fund, a key organizer of the program. “We want to keep promoting the program and empower the girls by showing them amazing opportunities for their personal growth.”


The RPCV Alliance for Ukraine is proud to announce that we are partnering with Technovation Girls Ukraine in 2022. Read on to learn more about the program and how you can get involved.

Technovation Girls Ukraine is a unique opportunity for girls aged 8 to 18 to become part of the international community of leaders and develop a mobile application that will solve social problems. Guided by a volunteer mentor, teams of girls participate in the international Technovation Challenge. Historically, Peace Corps Ukraine Volunteers have played a significant role in this program’s success, but a gap was left when PCVs were evacuated in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, you can help fill this gap by volunteering remotely.

How you can support Technovation Girls Ukraine:

  • Spread the word through your contacts with Ukrainian schools, libraries, and youth organizations. Aspiring participants in the Technovation Challenge have until March 25th to apply. You can direct them to Technovation Girls Ukraine on Facebook for the latest announcements. Participation is free of cost. 
  • Sign up to mentor a team. Interactions will be in English – no need to fear a language barrier. Expected commitment is 1-2 hours per week from late March through early June.  Apply here and select the third option – “I am over 18 years old and will guide a team”.
    If you have questions about mentoring, contact Mila Markitan – [email protected]. We can also help connect you to Ukraine RPCVs who have served as mentors in the past.
  • Volunteer as a competition judge. You’ll review teams’ submissions and participate remotely in the final pitch event in June. If you’re interested in judging, contact Mila Markitan – [email protected].

We understand that these are uncertain times. Technovation organizers are assessing the risks and adapting accordingly, with the resilience and determination we have seen time and time again from our Ukrainian friends and colleagues. Now is an especially important time to continue supporting this good work.

Step up and help make this year another impactful one for Technovation Girls Ukraine!

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