2024 Equity and Social Justice Update No. 1

Sunday March 24, 2024

In the first quarter of 2024, the Equity and Social Justice Committee grew it’s membership and continued to work toward their strategic goals.

  • OrgsInSolidarity: To better support the current initiatives for the RPCV Alliance for Ukraine, we have suspended engagement with OrgsInSolidarity for the 2024 calendar year.
  • Engaging Members on the Anniversary of the Full-Scale Invasion: We held a processing space on Zoom for members on February 25. Attendees were able to share their experiences over the past two years since the full-scale invasion and also dive into stories of their time with Peace Corps Ukraine.
  • Communicating about Ukrainian and U.S. Holidays: The committee will continue to share social media posts about important holidays in the U.S. and Ukraine via social media to help educate Alliance membership about valuable traditions and celebrations.

We were excited to invite a new committee member (Julianne Dunn, RPCV-UA Group 29) join us. And, our committee welcomes additional Alliance members interested in supporting our efforts to create a sense of belonging within our organization. To get involved, please email us at [email protected].

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