2023 Equity and Social Justice Update No. 4

Saturday December 9, 2023

During the fourth quarter of 2023, we were busy. Our Equity and Social Justice Committee met monthly to work on their goals and complete some of the key projects set for the 2023 calendar year.

In November 2023, we finalized our revamp of the DEIB Checklist for Events which we posted on our website in early December. During that month, we also hosted an event: “An RPCV Thanksgiving in Ukraine: Looking at a Traditional American Holiday through a DEIB Lens” which brought together a small group of RPCVs interested in talking about food and holidays together.

Our committee also completed a 2024 calendar planning project to determine committee goals and priorities for the upcoming year. Within the plan, we’ve included the intent to change in officer roles in January 2024, when the current Equity and Social Justice Officer’s term ends. Though there will be a change in leadership, the current Equity and Social Justice Committee plans continue their work together for the full 2024 calendar year. Current committee members are eager to welcome more Alliance members to volunteer their time with the committee.

As of December 2023, the Alliance continues to be involved with OrgsInSolidarity. The committee completed the required annual survey for membership in November and acknowledged the need to create goals to support the sixteen commitments if we wish to continue membership with OrgsInSolidarity.

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