What We Do

What We Do

Our mission is to empower an international network of people, agencies, and organizations dedicated to fostering a self-determined and globally-connected Ukraine by enacting the shared values of the Peace Corps community.  Our organization’s strategic goals are inspired by and rooted in our three pillars: communityinformation, and impact.


Build, strengthen, and sustain a vibrant and engaged community of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and allies for Ukraine.


Share information about Ukrainian current events, development milestones, and projects on behalf of Ukraine.


Improve the capacity of Ukrainian citizens for societal change through impactful projects.

Strategic Goals

Updated as of 10/2023

1: Build, strengthen, and sustain a vibrant and engaged community of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV) and allies for Ukraine

Tactic Areas:

1.1 Connect members around our shared values.

-Facilitate discussions about current affairs affecting Ukrainian interests.

1.2  Host one town hall or member meeting a year to engage both the Peace Corps Ukraine and the RPCV community:

-Town halls will include Peace Corps Ukraine staff. We will discuss existing projects, space for involvement, and the current status of Peace Corps Ukraine.

-Member meetings will include the registered members and focus on Alliance for Ukraine membership and initiatives.

1.3 Increase engagement of historically marginalized and underrepresented Volunteers in Alliance programming and leadership:

-Establish a baseline for identifying membership and involvement.

-Maintain an Equity & Social Justice Officer on the board to prioritize diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB).

-Ensure accessibility by providing membership free of charge.

-Amplify voices and efforts of historically marginalized and underrepresented Ukrainians, RPCVs, and Volunteers.

-Prioritize and create opportunities for programming and partnerships for those historically marginalized and underrepresented populations involved with Ukraine.

-Ensure the Alliance Board of Directors adequately reflects our diverse RPCV community and fosters inclusion in building a board of people with diverse social identities.

-Engage with our members through member meetings and ensure we are accountable to their needs through regular assessment.

-Seek out and build meaningful partnerships through Peace Corps, NPCA, and other DEIB focused organizations.

-Actively participate in and learn from broader discussions of DEIB in the peace and development fields and through relevant working groups.

-Consult the DEI checklist for 100% of Alliance events, including partnered events.

1.4 Maintain committees to strengthen the impact of Alliance activities and support of Ukrainian interests and the Peace Corps community:

-Impact committee: Oversees impactful projects like grant projects and other forms of aid.

-Finance and Fundraising Committee: Responsible for raising funds, budgeting, legal compliance, and other financial needs.

-Communications Committee: Maintain the style and brand guidelines for the Alliance. Manages a strategic communication plan that includes web content, social media, and the Alliance newsletter.

-Membership Engagement Committee: Engages membership and assesses involvement to drive Alliance programming.

-Equity and Social Justice Committee: Responsible for guiding Alliance DEIB efforts and highlighting DEI successes.

 1.5 Benchmark progress through tracking the number of active committee volunteers and the attainment of goals set annually by each committee.


 2: Engage membership in activities and conversations that support Ukraine and Peace Corps interests.

Tactic Areas:

3.1 Support the implementation of community-led projects.

-Promote in-country projects focused on Ukraine’s humanitarian, health, economic development, educational, and sociocultural needs.

-Collaborate with Ukrainian and US partners.

-Emphasize the Third Goal of the Peace Corps to help promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.

-Raise and provide funds for PCV- and RPCV-led projects in Ukraine and domestically through robust and equitable funding mechanisms.

-Empower members to raise funds for their own projects sharing relevant tools, ideas, and opportunities.

 3.2 Partner with institutions who support the RPCV Alliance for Ukraine’s mission:

-Foster a network of organizations ready to support RPCV activities in Ukraine.

-Maintain quality information sharing and resource partnerships with Ukraine-focused nonprofits, diaspora groups, and other Ukrainian affairs organizations.

-Promote the Peace Corps mission among an international network of organizations engaging in Ukrainian affairs.

-Support Peace Corps Ukraine initiatives.

See our Equity and Social Justice page for the updated plan.

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